Once someone takes refuge in God, his unhappiness is finished

शिव उवाच |
Lord Shiva said (to the Devas)

स्वस्थानं गच्छत सुराः सर्वे ब्रह्मादयोऽभयाः |
शमयिष्यामि यद्दुःखं सर्वथा हि व्रतं मम || 39 ||
गतो मच्छरणं यस्तु तस्य दुःखं क्षयं गतम् |
मत्प्रियः शरणापन्नः प्राणेभ्योऽपि न संशयः || 40 ||

Go to your own place without fear, Brahma and all Devas. Whatever unhappiness (you have, Lord Vishnu as Narsimha incarnation is still burning with anger even after killing Hiranyakashipu), I will extinguish in all ways. This is my vow.
Once someone comes to me for refuge, his unhappiness disappears. One who takes refuge (in me is) my favourite, no doubt, more (dear to me) than even (my) life.

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