Shilada wants a son which Indra, Lord Vishnu or Lord Brahma cannot give

नन्दीकेश्वरावतारवर्णनं नाम षष्ठोऽध्यायः

Nandikeshwara incarnation Chapter 6

शक्र उवाच |

Indra said (to Shilada)

अहं च विष्णुर्भगवान्द्रुहिणश्च महामुने |
अयोनिजं मृत्युहिनं पुत्रं दातुं न शक्नुमः || 15 ||
आराधय महादेवं तत्पुत्रविनिकाम्यया |
सर्वेश्वरो महाशक्तः स ते पुत्रं प्रदास्यति || 16 ||

Great sage, I and Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Brahma are not capable of giving (you) a son free from death and not born from a womb.
Pray to Lord Mahadeva with your desire for a son. God of everyone/everything is highly powerful; he will give you (such) a son.

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