Conch water is holy to all but Lord Shiva

शङ्खचूडवधोपाख्यानं नाम चत्वारिंशोऽध्यायः
Shankhachuda killing story Chapter 40

सनत्कुमार उवाच |

Sanatkumar said (to sage Vyasa)

अस्थिभिः शङ्खचूडस्य शङ्खजातिर्बभूव ह |
प्रशस्तं शङ्खतोयं च सर्वेषां शङ्करं विना || 33 ||
विशेषेण हरेर्लक्ष्म्याः शङ्खतोयं महत्प्रियम् |
संबन्धिनां च तस्यापि न हरस्य महामुने || 34 ||

From the bones of Shankhachuda a kind of conch emerged. Conch water is everywhere holy except to Lord Shiva.
Great sage, in particular, conch water is very dear to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and their relatives, but not of Shiva.

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