Ganesha has to be revived

देव्युवाच |
Goddess said (to everyone there)

मत्पुत्रो यदि जीवेत तदा संहारणं न हि |
यथा हि भवतां मध्ये पूज्योऽयं च भविष्यति || 42 ||
सर्वाध्यक्षो भवेदद्य यूयं कुरुत तद्यदि |
तदा शान्तिर्भवेल्लोके नान्यथा सुखमाप्स्यथ || 43 ||

No destruction if my son lives (is revived), such that he will become worshippable in your midst.
If you make him the head of everyone today, then there will be peace in the world, otherwise you will not get happiness.

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