At God’s marriage – Chapter 48

कन्यादानवर्णनं नामाष्टचत्वारिंशोऽध्यायः
Description of giving of the girl (in marriage) – Chapter 48

नारद उवाच |

Narada said (to Himalaya)

अस्य गोत्रं कुलं नाम नैव जानन्ति पर्वत |
विष्णुब्रह्मादयोऽपीह परेषां का कथा स्मृता || 16 ||
यस्यैकदिवसे शैल ब्रह्मकोटिर्लयं गता |
स एव शङ्करस्तेऽद्य दृष्टः कालीतपोबलात् || 17 ||
अरुपोऽयं परब्रह्म निर्गुणः प्रकृतेः परः |
निराकारो निर्विकारी मायाधीशः परात्परः || 18 ||
अगोत्रकुलनामा हि स्वतन्त्रो भक्तवत्सलः |
तदिच्छया हि सगुणः सुतनुर्बहुनामभृत् || 19 ||

Even Vishnu, Brahma, etc. here do not know this one’s (God’s) lineage, family, (or his) name; what to talk of others.
Mountain, in whose one day, a crore (or large number) of Brahmas (their lives) come to an end, he is that Shiva visible here because of the strength of Kali’s penance.
This (fellow is) formless, the supreme element, without characteristics, beyond Prakriti, without shape, without defects, the Lord of Maya, and higher than the highest.
Without a surname and lineage, (he is) really independent, kind to the devotees. Only through his wish does he take a body with a form, with several names.

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