The supreme Goddess wants a mantra from Narada

नारदोपदेशो नामैकविंशोऽध्यायः

Narada’s teaching/advice Chapter 21

शिवोवाच |

Goddess Shivaa said (to Narada)

त्वं तु सर्वज्ञ जगतामुपकारकर प्रभो |
रुद्रस्याराधनार्थाय मन्त्रं देहि मुने हि मे || 31 ||
न सिद्ध्यति क्रिया कापि सर्वेषां सद्गुरुं विना |
मया श्रुता पुरा सत्यं श्रुतिरेषा सनातनी || 32 ||

Lord (Narada), you are really omniscient who does good to the world. Sage, for praying to Rudra, give me a mantra.
No work/procedure of anyone succeeds without a good Guru, I have heard in the past this true eternal fact from Shrutis.

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