Saguna form of God possible only because of the supreme Goddess

मदनुग्रहतस्त्वं हि सगुणो रुपवान्मतः |

मां विना त्वं निरीहोऽसि न किंचित्कर्तुमर्हसि || 19 ||
पराधिनः सदा त्वं हि नानाकर्मकरो वशी |
निर्विकारी कथं त्वं हि न लिप्तश्च मया कथम् || 20 ||
प्रकृते परमोऽसि त्वं यदि सत्यं वचस्तव |
तर्हि त्वया न भेतव्यं समीपे मम शंकर || 21 ||

Because of my favour only is your Saguna form possible. Without me you would be inactive; you would not be able to do anything.
You are always dependent, doing several things. How are you without defects? How are you not affected by me?
Shiva, if it is true that you are above Prakruti then you have nothing to fear in my presence/vicinity.

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