Mars is called Bhauma, becomes a planet

स बालो भौम इत्याख्यां प्राप्य भूत्वा युवा द्रुतम् | तस्यां काश्यां चिरं कालं सिषेवे शङ्करं प्रभुं || 26 ||
विश्वेश्वरप्रसादेन ग्रहत्वं प्राप्य भूमिजः |
दिव्यं लोकं जगामाशु शुक्रलोकात्परं वरम् || 27 ||

The child got the name Bhauma (Mars) after quickly becoming a youth (because the earth in the form of a good woman had adopted it), served Lord Shiva in Kashi for a long time. Through the kindness of the God of the universe, Bhauma got planethood (became a planet), went to a divine world soon, which is better and higher than the world of Shukra (Venus).

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