The supreme Goddess agrees to become Mena’s daughter

देव्युवाच |

Goddess said (smiling, to Mena)

शतपुत्राः संभवन्तु भवत्या वीर्यसंयुताः |
तत्रैको बलवान्मुख्यः प्रथमं संभविष्यति || 38 ||
सुताऽहं संभविष्यामि संतुष्टा तव भक्तितः |
देवकार्यं करिष्यामि सेविता निखिलैः सुरैः || 39 ||

A hundred valiant sons will be born of you, of which one main strong will be born first (called Mainaka). I will become your daughter, having been satisfied by your devotion. I will do the job of the Devas (to get rid of Tarakasura by a son of Lord Shiva), being served by all the Devas.

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