Devas ask the supreme Goddess to incarnate on the earth

देवसान्त्वनं नाम चतुर्थोऽध्यायः

Consolation of the Devas – Chapter 4

देवा उचुः |

Devas said (to the Goddess)

पूर्णं कुरु महेशानि निर्जराणां मनोरथम् |
सनत्कुमरवचनं सफलं स्याद्यथा शिवे || 17 ||
अवतीर्य क्षितौ देवि रुद्रपत्नी पुनर्भव |
लीलां कुरु यथायोग्यं प्राप्नुयुर्निर्जराः सुखम् || 18 ||

Great Goddess Shivaa, (please) fulfil the wishes of the Devas such that Sanatkumar’s statement/promise (also) gets fulfilled. Goddess, incarnate on the earth, become the wife of Lord Rudra again, behave/act appropriately (so that) the Devas become happy.

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