Daksha curses God

शिवेन दक्षविरोधो नाम षड्विन्शोऽध्याय

Shiva Daksha opposition Chapter 26

दक्ष उवाच |

Daksha said (to the assembly)

रुद्रो ह्ययं यज्ञ बहिष्कृतो मे वर्णेष्वतीतोऽथ विवर्णरूप |
देवैर्न भागं लभतां सहैव स्मशानवासी कुलजन्महीनः || 18 ||

Resident of crematoria, without any family or birth, this Rudra, beyond any caste (varna), in a form free of colour, is rejected by me from this sacrifice, and will not get a part unlike other Devas.

This curse is worthless but invites a heavy counter-curse.

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