Brahma’s request to Uma

दुर्गास्तुतिर्बह्मवरप्राप्तिवर्णनं नामैकादशोऽध्याय

Prayer to Durga and Brahma’s getting a boon – Chapter 11


Brahma said (to the supreme Goddess)

तस्मात्त्वमेव रूपेण भवस्व हरमोहिनी |
सुता भूत्वा च दक्षस्य रुद्रपत्नि शिवे भव || 24 ||

Therefore you only with a (good looking) form become the cause of moha (illusion/confusion) to Hara (Shiva). And Shivaa (Uma), become the wife of Rudra (Shiva) after becoming the daughter of Daksha.

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