Kamadeva’s might

कामप्रभावमारगणोत्पत्तिवर्णनं नाम नवमोऽध्याय

Kamadeva’s might and Maragana arising description Chapter 9

काम उवाच |

Kamadeva said (to Lord Brahma) gloomily

ब्रह्मन् शम्भुर्मोहनियो न वै योगपरायण |

न शक्तिर्मम नान्यस्य तस्य शंभोर्हि मोहने || 7 ||

समित्रेण मया ब्रह्मन्नुपाया विविधाः कृताः |

रत्या सहाखिलास्ते च निष्फला अभवञ्छिवे || 8 ||

Brahma, Yoga perfected Shiva cannot be caused moha (confusion/illusion). Neither my strength nor anyone else’s can cause moha to Shiva. Brahma, with my friend, I tried various means. And all the efforts with Rati failed on Shiva.

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